Monday, April 13, 2009

Here's to a hectic life...

So...I noticed the other day the date to the last time I posted. or another...BSP (Before Spring Break!) My life seems to have taken off in a whirlwind since last I posted.

Girl's camp visits...a new position for KSWLA...RS lessons...etc. I think you all get the point. my friends who try to keep up with me...thanks for hanging in there. I'm still alive!

Prom is this Saturday! Hooray! After Saturday, that one is done and still a few more to go. :)

Don't forget to buy your tickets to the Lip-Sync Concert on April 25! The girls need money for camp! ;) It will be really fun!

I realized the other day that I still have to write 2 finals before the 2nd week of May! Aghhhhh! One will be easier than the other. :)

Well...and then there is my novel. I just got it back from my friend who was editing it. It's on the back burner for now until I can re-vise what needs to be done. I have a couple of possiblities for publishers. Just waiting until I have it ready to send. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Summer seems so far away yet very close! It will be another whirlwind summer with hopefully a few relaxing days in San Antonio!

Love to you all...and Leslie, Yes, I'm still alive. :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

What happened to Spring?

So all weekend I kept the windows opened because it was a nice breeze. You know the kind: not too cold and not too hot! So this morning I woke up freezing to death! That's what I get for retiring the flannel sheets! Oh well!

I sure hope it warms up. My mom will be here on Wednesday. She doesn't like the cold and has already said why didn't I go to Texas! Pray for warmer weather!

I know many of you are not as excited as I am...but 4 more days until Spring Break! (Today doesn't count I'm already here!)

Here's hoping Spring is on the way!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Is it Spring Break yet?

News flash...a major siting of short shorts was seen yesterday in the halls of GEHS. Short shorts and Ugg Boots! Huh? Fashion Faux Paux! Where are the fashion police?! Just because it was warm yesterday...almost every girl I saw had on those stupid short shorts. One girl had to wear short biker shorts under her shorts because they were so short. And they still were way too short! Geez...Is it Spring Break yet? of my classes was in a terror. This particular class has a couple of kids who can't seem to get with the program.'s 3rd quarter and they still haven't figured out that it would be a good idea to listen to me when I'm explaing a new grammar concept. So they were practicing after I was done. I hear I don't know what I'm doing. Did she teach us this? After a few minutes of this, I start to have a conversation with Heavenly Father. I asked him what I had done to deserve such a group and I was sorry for whatever it was that I had done. One of my students...not one of the really bad ones but he has his moments...looks at me and says...are you talking to God? I answered yes. He's that going for you? I responded...not so good....You all are still here! The look on that kid's face was priceless. I started laughing and said I was only joking...if it wasn't them bothering me it would be someone else! :) Is it Spring Break yet?!

So why is the weather turning cold again? Is it Spring Break yet?!

Gee...I wonder what I'm thinking about so much....hmmmm....Spring Break?!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Friend Amanda had this on her blog. I thought it was a fun idea! You sign up to receive something homemade and crafty, and then you pay it forward by doing the same thing for 3 people who sign up to do it on your blog.
So here’s how it works:

1.Be one of the first 3 people to leave a comment on this post and I will send you a handmade gift sometime in the next 3 months.

2.You get to pay it forward as well by doing the same thing for 3 people on your blog, plus one back to me. Once you leave a comment telling me that you want to participate, you need to make a pay-it-forward post on your blog within one day.

3.Get crafting!

Go right ahead and be the first three. You never know what you might get!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just Got Some News

Well...just got a call from the past-president of Kansas World Language Association. They wanted to ask me if I would accept the nomination to be Vice President. I had known this was coming for sometime and had been going back and forth whether I would accept or not. I thought about it and I accepted. It is an honor to be nominated. I feel very humble to be asked to do this. I'm excited about it.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Runny Nose, Itchy,Watery Eyes Friday Blues

Yep, you guessed it. It was a long hard battle against the cold bug going around school. Despite my best efforts I was defeated. I felt it coming on all week but fought hard against it. According to Lisa at Sonic, I should have 2 more really bad days and then it should get better. I merely laughed and said....unless I have the 2 week junk. Ahhh....chooo!

I'm suppose to teach Relief Society Sunday....I hope! I hope I have a voice by then and am not grossly looking. I'm forseeing a video tape of the article I'm suppose to do. Hmmm....I'll have to see what I can do. Just in case. Gee...the chocolate has been bought. :)

Well...if you are wondering...I am at school today! Seems that there are about 11 teachers or so out today and there was no subs left! So here I am infecting the little darlings back for infecting me. :) Sorry McKae! You're getting it back!

Ahhhhh....chooo! Ok...time to go. Eyes watering...can't see the screen. Chow! or was that Ahhh....chooo!